Chemical Peels and Skincare

Chemical Peels and Skincare by SkinMedica and Jan Marini Skin Research


SkinMedia is a brand of skincare products and treatments that was founded by physicians.  SkinMedica has passionately created skin treatments and products that have been vigorously researched and clinically tested to ensure that they do not just provide quick fixed but, rather, lasting results and long-term improvements to the health of your skin.  SkinMedica products are administered only by a skincare professional or physician.  SkinMedica has a full range of superficial peels that provide dramatic improvement to patient’s complexion, renewing skin texture and reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and roughness.  SkinMedica has 3 types of facial peels: Illuminize Peel, Rejuvenize Peel, and Vitalize Peel to target and treat the variety of skincare needs of DC Ranch Family Medicine & Aesthetics patients.

Jan Marini Skin Research

Jan Marini Skin Research is an award winning, medical grade skincare line.  It has a comprehensive range of products to suit a wide variety of personal skincare needs.  Jan Marini Skin Research products are medical-grade, highly concentrated, and provide outstanding results which is why they are only available through a physician’s office.  At DC Ranch Family Medicine & Aesthetics, our highly trained Medical Aesthetician, Stacey Bailey LE, CMLT, can customize a personal skincare plan to help you achieve your skincare goals.

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