What Is Dermaplaning and How Does It Benefit Your Skin?

Your face is likely your best personal branding tool. Loved ones, employers, business associates and strangers all rely on your appearance to know how to relate to you. Simply put, the better you look, the better others will probably treat you. If you have fine lines, hair and other unwanted blemishes, you may not be putting your best face forward. Fortunately, there is a relatively noninvasive procedure that may help you get the face you always wanted.

Understanding Dermaplaning

For healthy skin, everyone must use a regular exfoliation regimen. Generally, facial scrubs work as routine exfoliators. They are not, however, usually effective for advanced exfoliation. For a deeper treatment, dermaplaning is often the way to go. With this procedure, a thin blade removes hair and grime from your skin. The results typically last approximately one month, so you may want to schedule regular dermaplaning appointments to see and feel top results.

Planning for the Process

Before technicians begin dermaplaning, they usually remove makeup and cleanse your skin with a mild facial soap. The dermaplaning process ordinarily takes approximately 30 minutes, during which time technicians scrape your face to remove hair and imbedded dirt. The process is usually painless, with most patients experiencing only a minor scraping sensation. After the dermaplaning is over, most technicians apply a facial mask to help hydrate and restore your skin. Depending on where you choose to undergo dermaplaning, the entire process typically takes under an hour and usually feels like a day at the spa.

Recognizing the Benefits

If you have fine hairs or peach fuzz on your face, you may feel self-conscious. You may also have trouble applying makeup, as hair tends to encourage clumping, caking and unevenness. Since dermaplaning exfoliates your skin, it removes rough patches and deep dirt. It also smooths away unwanted hair, giving you a smooth foundation on which to apply makeup. Meanwhile, since dermaplaning tends to make skin look healthier, you may choose to wear less makeup than you ordinarily do. Regardless, the improvement to your skin condition and the boost to your self-esteem that you are likely to experience following your dermaplaning appointments are difficult to overstate.

With dermaplaning, you may be able to banish unwanted blemishes from your face. You may also experience the sensation of having cleaner, fresher skin in the weeks following your dermaplaning appointment. With its comparatively noninvasive nature and worthwhile benefits, dermaplaning may be the easiest way for you to put your best face forward.