BLOGS & Health Tips from Dr. Perez

How much sleep do you need?

Seven hours is the new eight hours when it comes to sleep. According to a Wall Street Journal article, people who live the longest in the best health get seven hours. One expert even made this frightening statement: “Eight hours or more has consistently been shown to be hazardous.” Whether you were vindicated or frightened by the…

Use a Pedometer to Get Motivated

One of the most common problems with exercising is staying motivated. If you’re having difficulty motivating yourself, there are many great apps and devices using today’s best technology to help you do your best. One of my personal favorites is the FitBit One, but there are many others which have similar functionality. By tracking your…

Dr. Perez Welcomes Patients to Join His New Practice

Dr. Perez has opened a new office with all new state-of-the-art equipment in DC Ranch near Scottsdale, Arizona. He welcomes all his former patients to join him in his move to the new office, and anticipates the new facility will help provide the best possible patient care. Patient of all ages are treated by Dr….


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