Laser Skin Renewal

Non-ablative 1540 fractional laser

Laser Skin Renewal

What is Laser Skin Renewal?

Renew your skin to reveal healthier skin tone and texture without any surgery or downtime!  Laser Skin Renewal treatments are a great way to restore your skin’s natural beauty and maintain your youthful appearance through the stimulation of collagen that provides lasting results.  State-of-the-art laser skin renewal treatments are effective at diminishing or eliminating scars, stretch marks, sun damage, discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles.

How Laser Skin Renewal Work

Laser Skin Renewal targets the building blocks of smooth and youthful skin – collagen and elastin.  During your treatment, laser skin revitalization pulses a light that penetrates the skins sub-layers which treats the skins aging support structure.  Once these sub-layers have been stimulated, the body’s begins its own natural healing process and rebuilds the skin’s tissue to produce a more even texture with fewer wrinkles.

What to Expect with Laser Skin Renewal

Laser Skin Renewal is an optimal treatment for all areas of the face including the eyes, smile lines, as well as for the body!  Many patients are satisfied with their results after 1 treatment but some patients may need additional treatments depending on their unique skin conditions and skin health goals.  Immediately following your treatment, you will have a “post-facial glow” which will continue for a few days and then your skin will begin the natural healing process to produce new collagen.  Once this begins, your skin will begin to naturally look and feel more elastic, tight, smooth, and youthful!

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