Weight Loss Tips…

 Weight Loss Tips

In our quest for weight loss it’s important to make changes that are going to be sustainable for life. In other words, realistic and attainable changes that you know you will be able to instate for the long haul. Since this is a life long commitment, I always suggest to make 1 or 2 changes at a time. Let your self become comfortable with those changes for some time and then try something else.

Here are two very powerful weight loss tips:

– Stop drinking regular sweetened drinks and instead try a diet alternative.
This is one of the most commonly underestimated sources of calories. All those sodas, blended coffees, Chai teas, smoothies, etc., are calorie packed and at the end of the day you can easily add over a 1000 calories worth of liquids to your diet.

– Make your evening meal carbohydrate empty. Stick with a salad and a protein.
Our traditionally large dinners are one of the most fattening meals of the day. We load up on pasta, bread, potatoes, corn, rice, etc., and then we take all that energy to bed. Lets be realistic, if we are trying to lose weight, we are going to have to experience some level of hunger. There is just no way around that. So why not make it happen while we are asleep?
When we avoid carbs for dinner, we are leaving our bodies with a low energy reserve to make it through the night. That way we are forcing it to tap into our fat storages when the fuel runs out in the middle of the evening.

Try this two simple changes and let me know how it goes!